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ARIA Extensions Opcodes (SFZ 3 hopefuls)

ARIA also adds some extended MIDI CCs in addition to those already added by SFZ 2, and XML instrument banks as a way of organizing multiple SFZ instruments and configuring graphical user interfaces.

Instrument settings

Opcode Aria LinuxSampler
hint_* X
set_hdccN X
sostenuto_lo X
sostenuto_cc X
sustain_lo X
sustain_cc X
sw_note_offset X
sw_octave_offset X

Instrument settings: Voice Lifecycle

Opcode Aria LinuxSampler
off_curve X
off_mode=time X
off_shape X
off_time X
polyphony_group X

Region Logic: MIDI Conditions

Opcode Aria LinuxSampler
lohdccN X
hihdccN X
sw_default X
sw_label X
sw_lolast X
sw_hilast X
varNN_curveccX X
varNN_mod X
varNN_onccX X
varNN_target X

Performance parameters: Amplifier

Opcode Aria LinuxSampler
amplitude_curveccN X
amplitude_onccN X
amplitude_smoothccN X
global_amplitude X
master_amplitude X
group_amplitude X
pan_law X
global_volume X
master_volume X
group_volume X
volume_onccN X

Modulation: Envelope Generators

Opcode Aria LinuxSampler
ampeg_attack_shape X
ampeg_decay_shape X
ampeg_decay_zero X
ampeg_release_shape X
ampeg_release_zero X
egN_shapeX X

Modulation: LFO

Opcode Aria LinuxSampler
lfoN_offset/lfoN_offset2 X
lfoN_ratio/lfoN_ratio2 X
lfoN_scale/lfoN_scale2 X
lfoN_wave2 X


Opcode Aria LinuxSampler
curve_index X


Opcode Aria LinuxSampler
param_offset X
vendor_specific X

Source: ARIA Engine