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Cakewalk SFZ v2 Opcodes

These opcodes have not been implemented in any currently available SFZ player, to the best of the author’s knowledge. They are included here for the sake of archiving all available information.

Note that modulations such as (on)ccN, and vel2* opcodes are included in the pages describing the parameters they modulate.

Performance Parameters: Filter #

Opcode Description Type Default Range
noise_filter string N/A on, off, lpf_1p, hpf_1p, bpf_1p, brf_1p, apf_1p, lpf_2p, hpf_2p, bpf_2p, brf_2p, pkf_2p, lpf_4p, hpf_4p, lpf_6p, hpf_6p, comb, pink
noise_stereo string N/A on, off
noise_level float N/A -96 to 24 dB
noise_level_onccN float N/A -96 to 24 dB
noise_level_smoothccN float N/A -96 to 24 dB
noise_step integer N/A 0 to 100
noise_step_onccN integer N/A 0 to 100
noise_tone integer N/A 0 to 100
noise_tone_onccN integer N/A 0 to 100

Modulation: Envelope Generators #

Opcode Description Type Default Range
egN_decim N/A N/A
egN_decim_onccX N/A N/A
egN_bitred N/A N/A
egN_bitred_onccX N/A N/A
egN_rectify N/A N/A
egN_rectify_onccX N/A N/A
egN_ringmod N/A N/A
egN_ringmod_onccX N/A N/A
egN_noiselevel N/A N/A
egN_noiselevel_onccX N/A N/A
egN_noisestep N/A N/A
egN_noisestep_onccX N/A N/A
egN_noisetone N/A N/A
egN_noisetone_onccX N/A N/A
egN_driveshape N/A N/A
egN_driveshape_onccX N/A N/A

Modulation: LFO #

Opcode Description Type Default Range
lfoN_decim N/A N/A
lfoN_decim_onccX N/A N/A
lfoN_decim_smoothccX N/A N/A
lfoN_decim_stepccX N/A N/A
lfoN_bitred N/A N/A
lfoN_bitred_onccX N/A N/A
lfoN_bitred_smoothccX N/A N/A
lfoN_bitred_stepccX N/A N/A
lfoN_noiselevel N/A N/A
lfoN_noiselevel_onccX N/A N/A
lfoN_noiselevel_smoothccX N/A N/A
lfoN_noiselevel_stepccX N/A N/A
lfoN_noisestep N/A N/A
lfoN_noisestep_onccX N/A N/A
lfoN_noisestep_smoothccX N/A N/A
lfoN_noisestep_stepccX N/A N/A
lfoN_noisetone N/A N/A
lfoN_noisetone_onccX N/A N/A
lfoN_noisetone_smoothccX N/A N/A
lfoN_noisetone_stepccX N/A N/A
lfoN_drive N/A N/A
lfoN_drive_onccX N/A N/A
lfoN_drive_smoothccX N/A N/A
lfoN_drive_stepccX N/A N/A

Effects #

Opcode Description Type Default Range
apan_depth N/A 0 to 100
apan_dry N/A 0 to 100
apan_freq float N/A N/A
apan_phase float N/A 0 to 180 °
apan_waveform LFO wave number. N/A N/A
apan_wet N/A 0 to 100
bitred Bit reduction. N/A 0 to 100
bitred_onccN N/A N/A
bitred_curveccN N/A N/A
bitred_smoothccN N/A N/A
bitred_stepccN N/A N/A
comp_attack float N/A N/A
comp_gain N/A N/A
comp_ratio N/A 0 to 100
comp_release float N/A N/A
comp_stlink string N/A on, off
comp_threshold float N/A N/A
decim Decimator. N/A 0 to 100
decim_onccN N/A N/A
decim_curveccN N/A N/A
decim_smoothccN N/A N/A
decim_stepccN N/A N/A
delay_cutoff float N/A N/A
delay_damphi N/A 0 to 100
delay_damplo N/A 0 to 100
delay_dry N/A 0 to 100
delay_feedback N/A 0 to 100
delay_filter Name of filter type. string N/A N/A
delay_input N/A 0 to 100
delay_levelc N/A 0 to 100
delay_levell N/A 0 to 100
delay_levelr N/A 0 to 100
delay_lfofreq float N/A N/A
delay_moddepth N/A 0 to 100
delay_mode string N/A detune, chorus, cross, flanger, lrc, mod, multimod, panning, ping, rlc, stereo, tlcr
delay_panc N/A 0 to 100
delay_panl N/A 0 to 100
delay_panr N/A 0 to 100
delay_resonance N/A N/A
delay_spread N/A 0 to 100
delay_syncc_onccN N/A N/A
delay_syncl_onccN N/A N/A
delay_syncr_onccN N/A N/A
delay_time_tap N/A N/A
delay_timec N/A N/A
delay_timel N/A N/A
delay_timer N/A N/A
delay_wet N/A 0 to 100
directtomain Gain of the main bus into the output. float 100 0 to 100 %
disto_depth N/A 0 to 100
disto_dry N/A 0 to 100
disto_stages N/A N/A
disto_tone N/A 0 to 100
disto_wet N/A 0 to 100
eq_bw N/A N/A
eq_freq N/A N/A
eq_gain N/A N/A
eq_type N/A N/A
filter_cutoff N/A N/A
filter_resonance N/A N/A
filter_type Name of filter type. string N/A N/A
fxNtomain Gain of the Nth effect bus into the output. float 0 0 to 100 %
gate_onccN Gate manual control. N/A N/A
gate_attack N/A N/A
gate_release N/A N/A
gate_stlink string N/A on, off
gate_threshold N/A N/A
phaser_depth N/A 0 to 100
phaser_feedback N/A 0 to 100
phaser_freq float N/A N/A
phaser_phase_onccN N/A 0 to 100
phaser_stages N/A N/A
phaser_waveform LFO wave number. N/A N/A
phaser_wet N/A 0 to 100
reverb_damp N/A 0 to 100
reverb_dry N/A 0 to 100
reverb_input N/A 0 to 100
reverb_predelay float N/A N/A
reverb_size N/A 0 to 100
reverb_tone N/A 0 to 100
reverb_type string N/A chamber, large_hall, large_room, mid_hall, mid_room, small_hall, small_room
reverb_wet N/A 0 to 100
static_cyclic_level N/A 0 to 100
static_cyclic_time float N/A N/A
static_filter Name of filter type. string N/A N/A
static_level N/A 0 to 100
static_random_level N/A 0 to 100
static_random_maxtime float N/A N/A
static_random_mintime float N/A N/A
static_stereo N/A N/A
static_tone N/A 0 to 100
strings_number Number of synthesized resonant strings. N/A N/A
strings_wet_onccN N/A 0 to 100
tdfir_dry N/A 0 to 100
tdfir_gain N/A 0 to 100
tdfir_impulse N/A N/A
tdfir_wet N/A 0 to 100

Loading #

Opcode Description Type Default Range
load_mode integer N/A 0 to 1
load_start integer N/A N/A
load_end integer N/A N/A
sample_quality Sample playback quality settings. integer N/A 1 to 10
image string N/A N/A

Wavetable Oscillator #

Opcode Description Type Default Range
oscillator string N/A on, off
oscillator_detune N/A N/A
oscillator_detune_onccN N/A N/A
oscillator_mode The modulation type. integer 0 0 to 2
oscillator_mod_depth N/A N/A
oscillator_mod_depth_onccN N/A N/A
oscillator_mod_smoothccN N/A N/A
oscillator_multi Configure a region to use more than one oscillator. integer 1 1 to 9
oscillator_phase Oscillator phase. Negative values for random phase. float N/A -1 to 360 °
oscillator_quality integer N/A 0 to 3
oscillator_table_size N/A N/A